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Gaurav Kapoor JSG Leadership

Gaurav Kapoor

Co-Founder & Principle Executive

Co-Founder and Principle Executive, An accomplished administrator, and a Pragmatic Leader.
Dreams are not what we see while sleeping, Dreams are what which don’t let us sleep, as stated by the Former President of India Late Shri APJ Abdul Kalam Ji.
A dream that became reality and a legacy to continue for aeon!

JSG Innotech is a fine validation of all that and much more. Today, we stand as a noteworthy organization, respected in the Automotive Industry and we take cognizance for who we are- People Organization and Integrity.

I am leading marketing, sales and financial management of JSG Innotech and its sister concerns, possessing a yearning ability to lead and manage people to account for quantum leap results for the goodwill of my company and employees.
The long path that has been traversed upon is the result of combined efforts that never fail to serve their global customers in any way. From the initial brand Galio to the notable journey of being capable of becoming the preferred name for various OEMs across India, we have crossed a long way.
We assure Excellence, Innovation, and Quality in whatever we produce.

As a high-tech person, I have led and executed all of IT and media applications in Marketing, Sales, Finance, and Supply Chain Management at JSG.
Over the last 15 plus years, I have grown into a charismatic leader; admired by my colleagues for my commitment, transparency, and care for people.
My WORD is my WORLD.