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Best selling Sleek and Sturdy Dispenser Stands

Giving you sturdy and steady protection for all times
Hi-Genie provides 100% made in India Sanitizer dispenser Stands which are perfect for your setting to kill all kinds of germs in absolute style and elegance

Rs. 1,800/-

  • Sturdy Stands that can hold the sanitizers steadily giving you an easy and effective sanitization.

Features Overview

High Quality Material

All in 1 patented Dispenser Stand made for durable and sturdy holding of the dispensers.

Budget Friendly

A smart steady protection holder at an affordable price

Well Designed

The Dispenser Stand is specially designed in a simple and sleek design making it suitable for all types of living and public spaces

Easy To Use

The Dispenser stand can be easily assembled and adjusted according to the preferred height.

Long Service Life

Coated with special corrosion resistant formula the Dispenser Stand come with a 1 year warranty

Low Error Rate

The Dispenser Stands are designed to hold the dispensers steadily ensuring no hindrances or breakage of the sanitizer dispensers.

Product’s USP

The Dispenser Stand is designed to hold dispensers of both 500ml and 1000ml sanitizing dispensers steadily so that there are no chances of breakage or damage to the dispenser. With a sleek and aesthetic look, this easy to assemble and adjustable stands are perfect for all kinds of living spaces. It is coated with corrosion resistance formula making this stand your durable and reliable safety partner.

Why Hi-Genie

Hi-Genie is a Made in India company that beats major alternatives because of its superior quality and customer centric approach. Our determination enables us to provide-


Customer Assistance

Our customer support team ensures that it is available to the customers for all their queries at all times.



All Hi-Genie products are designed for durability with a warranty of 1 year.


High Quality

Our products have been crafted with the latest technology and premium quality of materials to achieve highest efficiency


Made In India

Hi-Genie products are crafted in India by the diligent Indian skilled labour, making it truly an authentic Indian product.


Effective Solution

Hi-Genie products are premium quality hygienic products that shall give you 100% safety against all microorganisms


Budget Friendly

All Hi-Genie products are not just user friendly but also budget friendly.

Certificates & Standards

JSG Certificates

Frequently Asked Questions

How to assemble the stand?

Hi-Genie’s dispenser stand is super easy to assemble in a DIY manner. The assembly manual is included in the packaging which guides you through a step-by-step process.

Is the stand easy to carry around if I want to change its location?

The stand weighs around 4.5 kgs, so it should be fairly simple to carry around and change locations.