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Are You

facing color shade mismatch and quality issues in painted parts?

losing the market share you deserve due to the poor quality of the product?

not satisfied with the supply timing from the existing supplier?

Do You Face Challenges

with product failure due to color shade variations, paint durability, sissing, blister problems, fading, etc on painted parts?

in communication and delivery gaps impacting the overall schedule and quality of painted products?

in almost 50% rejection rate & delays due to product failures, delivery schedule, and part-supply?

We Can Help You

JSG is the industry leader in Paint Shop work ensuring timely and high-quality defect-free painted parts.


We have 4-body color paint shops with 3 coat 1 bake system; and 3 manual & 1 automatic paint shops supported with in-house long-term & short-term testing provisions like color spectrometer, gloss testing, adhesion testing, warm water testing, etc.

Product Quality

An IATF certified company using foolproof IATF guided process to match shades with the master panel. We are working with a 95% straight pass in the paint shop.
Paint shop is audited and approved by all major OEMs like MSIL, Tata, Hero, etc.

Dedicated Team

A highly experienced and dedicated team of paint shop engineers with an average experience of 7+ years and a combined knowledge base of 300 years.

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