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PVC – Polyvinyl Chloride

Are You

unable to find the right and colored soft recycled PVC material for cables, hoses & automotive industry?

facing project or production delay due to product quality and multiple trials?

losing the market share you deserve due to the poor quality of raw material viz. recycled soft PVC?

Do You Face Challenges

with 75% product failure due to wrong raw-material, variation in mechanical properties, color, material gravity, and hardness and dimensional inaccuracy, etc.

with almost 80% rejection rate & project delays due to product failures, multiple trials, a delayed supply of raw-material, and inadequate and inconsistent delivery quantity?

due to communication gaps caused by inexperienced and unqualified technicians and improper equipment for testing and validation.

We Can Help You

JSG is the industry leader in PVC work ensuring a timely and high-quality defect-free delivery.


Having a capacity to produce and deliver client-specific 500 tons of soft recycled PVC material of desired color and properties using a just-in-time supply chain management system built on ERP based PPC Planning.
Guaranteed 70% saving of development time using advanced manufacturing techniques

Product Quality

An ISO and IATF certified company using foolproof IATF guided process to match shades with the master panel. Leveraging an in-house NABL certified testing facility to ensure the highest quality delivery.
In-house technical support in post-application field of moulding, extrusion, and sheeting process.

Skilled Staff

A highly experienced and dedicated team with a collective experience of 200+ years in research & development, production, quality, and testing.
A dedicated team of process and quality auditors to accomplish each task on-time and every time as per the desired quality and protocol.

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