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Resin Pouring Multicolour Gravity Moulding

Are You Looking

for a PVC liquid pouring (PVC designer, multi-color ) parts manufacturer having the right liquid pouring machine as per mould size?

for manufacture who is able to develop the best quality, cost-effective PVC compound in house and can deliver on-time?

for manufacturer having efficient raw material tracking, mould maintenance, and testing facility and ability to scale-up as per needs?

Do You Face Challenges

of inferior pre & post-processing facilities, PVC compounds, oven temperature controllers, design patterns, etc ?

due to unavailability of right-capacity, size and quality machines, auxiliaries & tools?

in rejections & delays due to defects such as overheating, pinhole, colour NG, part crack, burning, etc ?

We Can Help You

At JSG, our state-of-the-art PVC Gravity Pouring plant ensures a high-quality defect-free PVC Gravity Pouring Foot mat and dash mat (by material & by design).

Machine Capacity

Advanced fully-automatic PVC Gravity Pouring machines with 10 stations PLC controlled automatic liquid material feeding in mould during production.
Highest quality auxiliary equipment like machine oven temperature controller and chiller for mould cooling during production, advance part storage rack with FIFO system, etc.

In-house PVC Compounding

With our in-house PVC compounding manufacturing facility, we incur zero raw material shortages and can affirm to timely availability of all planned material.
Producing different PVC Gravity Pouring parts as per customer requirements.

Skilled Staff & In-house Tool-Room

Availability of well-qualified engineers, managers, and skilled man-power with years of experience, ensuring the highest reliability and workability.
An in-house tool-room ensures the quickest troubleshooting & maintenance of any complex issue and mould repair thereby improving productivity and avoiding any line-stoppage penalty.


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