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Computer Aided Design & Engineering

Are You Looking

for the highest quality CAD, tool design, 3D scanning, mould-flow service?

for a reliable partner who consistently delivers as per quality, timeline and cost expectations?

to replace your existing supplier who is not able to deliver multi-assembly CAD parts or tool design?

Do You Face Challenges

in getting quality 3D scanning and 3D CAD service from your suppliers?

in getting design feedback (such as Class A, G-2 tendency, etc.) on time resulting in a delay in product launch and eventual termination of suppliers?

with suppliers lacking processes, systems, and licensed software to ensure data privacy, reliable delivery, efficient communication and reporting?

We Can Help You

At JSG Group, we have successfully delivered 2000+ projects ranging from concept design, reverse engineering, CAD design, tool design, CNC, mould making, moulding, plating, painting to assembly. With just a concept image or a 2D drawing, we are able to build and ship the product meeting international standards, specifications and at about half the cost to our customers.

Advanced Software

Advanced Siemens & Autodesk certified CAD software, NX Mach 3 bundles, world-class 3D GOM scanner, on-site scanning facility, mould-flow facility, design equipment & tools, preventive measures for data privacy in labs, etc.

Design Capabilities

We can design all kinds of tools e.g. 2-plate mould, 3-plate mould, hot runner mould, sheet metal tools, vacuum forming, etc. All our design software is certified by Siemens & Autodesk.

Skilled Staff

At JSG, we have highly experienced engineering, design, and 2D drafting teams with individual experience ranging from 5 to 30 years. By giving individual attention to each customer, we bring a quantum leap and sustainable solutions to our customers.



Class “A” Surfacing



3D Scanning


Mold Flow

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