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Powder Coating

Are You

looking for a good & reliable power coating supplier but unable to find one?

facing inconsistent product quality, costing, and delivery challenges with your existing power coating supplier?

losing the market share and customer trust you deserve due to poor quality of plated aesthetic parts?

Do You Face Challenges

with field failures for adhesion, corrosion, orange peel & scratch issues or frequently replacing powder coated parts causing financial and reputational issues?

of delays in product launch due to late or small quantity for initial build-up, poor-quality and late delivery by the supplier, and have to spend time and energy in following-up?

with suppliers not understanding product specifications and delivering wrong and inconsistent quality products?

We Can Help You

JSG has the most advanced facilities, machines, and equipment to cater to the diverse and special needs of the industry.


An isolated and closed powder coating plant with an overhead conveyorized system and full-fledged 7 inline tanks for the pre-treatment process and dry-off oven to maintain quality powder coating.
Facilities to handle projects right from tool designing, toolmaking, press components, welding, powder coating, and assembly.
In-house Jig making facility ensuring quick prototyping and high-quality delivery.
Scheduled plant maintenance to maintain consistency of powder coating quality.

Advanced Machinery

Advanced press and welding machines set up for MS components.
Camelback type oven with looping, calibration, and the auto cut-off for proper curing of powder and maintaining air temperature.
Electrostatic gun-system with reciprocator for uniform coating of powder all over the surface as well as in crevice areas.
Powder recycling unit to control dust and maintain cost, ETP system for pre-treatment of chemicals.
Efficiently designed loading fixtures to drain PT chemicals and proper phosphating coating before powder coating.

Skilled Staff

Availability of a well-qualified and trained power coating team, with an average 8+ years of experience in automotive and non-automotive requirements, ensuring the highest reliability, workability, quickest troubleshooting & resolution to issues related to process, machines, etc.
Dedicated teams for product development, tool design, tool engineering, mould engineering, press shop, surface finishing engineering, QA engineering, and project management.
Strong process audit function to assure desired quality and QA systems to reduce waste through rejections.

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